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Morgan & McKenzie’s Cyber Defence policy is an effective business protection service designed to help your company survive a cyber-attack and reduce the legal and financial consequences that inevitably flow from such an event.

The Effects of A Data Breach Are Felt For Years

The financial repercussions of a data breach are felt for years. For the majority of businesses, the biggest cost is loss of business after a data breach. Across all industry sectors, loss of business has been the biggest breach cost for the past 5 years.

Analysis shows that the average loss of customers following a data breach is 3.9%. In some industries, like healthcare, it’s significantly higher. Regardless of the industry, organizations often struggle to retain customers after a breach.

Like many SMBs, you may not think you are a target.

82% of SMBs say they’re not targets for attacks as they don’t have anything worth stealing (Towergate Insurance). However, 61% of cyber-attacks affect companies with less than 100 employees, and another 50% have experienced a data breach involving customer and employee information.
Similarly, 60% of companies that lose their data due to an attack or disaster will shut down within six months (Boston Computing Network).

Key Benefits of the Service

Morgan & McKenzie clients gain access to US government-backed legal protections against breach-related lawsuits and regulatory fines and receive timely cyber threat alerts that help reduce exposure. If your business becomes the victim of a data breach while you are a Morgan & McKenzie client, you will have access to up to $100,000 to recover from the costs of a cybersecurity event.

  • $100,000 to $10 million in cybersecurity insurnace coverage
  • Legal protections from lawsuits related to a cyber breach
  • Timely alerts about cyber threats straight to your business
  • Cyber resource center
  • Get protected in 60 seconds

$100,000 to $10 million

Morgan & McKenzie provides members with critical information about security threats affecting the SMB community.

Tools and assistance to help companies after a cyber-attack.

Reduce exposure and the legal and financial risks
of a breach through affordable cyber protection.